Evolutionary sales technology for an agile, buyer-centric world 


Leap-frog your competitors and establish high value partnerships that deliver predictable revenue growth. 

When it comes to harnessing the collective power of your sales team, Animis fuels the drive to perform in a fast-changing marketplace. 

With Animis you can 

  • Turn opportunities into lifetime value and customer advocacy. Make every customer interaction a high value experience that differentiates your offering along the purchase journey.

  • Gain insights into complex decision-making processes and stakeholder dynamics. Build deep insights into customer decision-making and identify the right opportunities. Tailor conversations and prioritise sales actions.

  • Use performance insights to accelerate learning & continuous improvement. Measure your team’s selling performance. Track their ability to identify customer decision- making processes and build stakeholder advocacy and consensus to buy.




Navigate, collaborate and build consensus to grow opportunities that shine. With Animis supporting your sales team, you can look closely, think creatively, act decisively and create a more valuable customer buying experience.


Win as one team

  • Assemble the right team around the customer. whether that’s a combination of sales, marketing, product, CS or external partners. 

  • Align goals and clarify roles & responsibilities at each phase of the customer journey.

  • Guide teams with high performance workflow and automated tasks assignment. Track progress and highlight any skills gaps.  

Allow account management to shine

  • Create tailored strategic account plans as one collaborative team.

  • Build detailed customer & buyer profiles. 

  • Work together to achieve account goals & objectives.


Opportunity management built-in

  • Work together as a team to create effective opportunity development strategies. 

  • Identify decision-making groups and chart decision-making processes.

  • Create sales activities to build customer advocacy and consensus to buy.


Perform and improve continuously

  • Get key  performance insights on the customer purchase experience and your team's selling effectiveness. 

  • See continuous performance feedback to enable autonomous team actions, to adapt and respond to invididual customer needs.

  • Identify which team selling behaviours and sales messages lead to best sales outcomes.

  • Share insights and scale best practices across teams.



Animis is a truly innovative solution! It's transformed how we deliver value. Clients are immersed within the sales process. They have full visibility as we tailor and optimise each sale engagement to meet the needs of their customers. We're delivering great results and driving continuous sales innovation - not surprisingly our clients are delighted! 


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