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At Animis labs we believe in the limitless potential of your people to inspire customers and create lasting high-value relationships. At a time when customers are increasingly frustrated and overburdened with information and options, we help B2B sales teams come together to create truly memorable customer experiences that accelerate revenue growth.



B2B selling is becoming more complex. CRMs are no longer enough to help bring together disparate revenue-generating teams to deliver effective customer outcomes. 

  • Do you lack insights into the effectiveness of your Revenue Operations (Sales, Marketing, Product Specialists and Customer Success) teams?

  • Do you struggle to drive accountability across those teams and see who is really adding value at what stage of the customer lifecycle?

  • Do you still need to do long account reviews in order to get a handle on where along the customer purchase process the account is?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. Revenue Owners do not currently have the tools required to orchestrate effective collaboration and drive sales best practices and behaviors across the disparate teams involved in the sales process (Sales, Marketing, Product Specialists and Customer Success).
Animis Labs can help.



Our Sales Collaboration work-hub brings Sales, Marketing, Customer Success together to drive higher performance and deliver more revenue.

We enable best practice sales behaviours across your organisation. Using Animis Labs,  sales teams can collaborate, plan and build rich customer insights, to accelerate high-quality deals.




  • Drives optimal sales team behaviour, guides the team along best practice sales process and provides behavioural insights.

  • Provides transparency for revenue owners, with visibility into who on the team is having most impact in which accounts.

  • Delivers insights into customer response and buyer journey; see at a glance the progress to consensus among key decision makers.




Animis Labs was founded by Danny O’Neill in 2018. Danny brings over 20 years experience as a sales leader and learning & development specialist. He has worked on sales strategy and behaviour change programmes in a number of large and medium sized multinational technology organisations.​ 


Since 2018, the Animis Labs team has grown to include sales enablement, marketing, product and operations experts. Everyone at Animis Labs is passionate about helping organisations unlock the hidden capabilities of their team. In the future world of sales - agility, collaboration and learning will be key to delivering differentiated customer buying experiences for sustainable growth




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