An adaptive sales collaboration platform for today's complex world.


Animis is the first adaptive sales collaboration platform that helps teams navigate complex customer buying scenarios to adapt, respond and win.

Customer buying processes are more complex and dynamic than ever before. To win, sales teams must be responsive and deliver tailored insights at key moments during the customer buying process.

Make every customer interaction a differentiated and memorable experience. Animis helps teams create agile account plans and tailored sales processes to adapt and flex to individual customer buying scenarios. Teams are guided with recommended sales best-practices at every stage of the customer journey. Tasks are automatically assigned and progress is made visible through customer and team journey maps. Customer advocacy and consensus are monitored throughout, helping teams identify risks and target sales activities.

Animis in Scale-ups
Is your product and go-to-market strategy
 still evolving? Animis makes it easy for scale-ups to tailor, adapt and optimize sales processes as customers evolve and businesses grow. Embed adaptive team selling practices across your teams. Make the customer purchase experience a true differentiator for your business. Build a culture of continuous sales innovation.

Animis in Enterprise

Is your business challenged with deal stagnation and lacklustre revenue growth? Do sales people find it difficult to build consensus to buy? Animis helps sales teams adapt and respond to individual stakeholder buying criteria, building advocacy and consensus at key moments of the customer buying journey. Easily see how teams are working together and what activities drive the best outcomes. Build a culture of continuous performance improvement




  • Adaptive sales process design - tailor to customer buying processes

  • Customer and team journey maps - real time team and deal progress

  • Selling effectiveness insights - customer advocacy, consensus building and deal quality

  • Agile account planning to adapt to unique customer buying scenarios

  • Team orchestration and collaboration at its core  

  • Tasks automatically assigned to team members 

  • Guided team selling best-practices for capability building



Animis is a truly innovative solution! It's transformed how we deliver value. Clients are immersed within the sales process. They have full visibility as we tailor and optimise each sale engagement to meet the needs of their customers. We're delivering great results and driving continuous sales innovation - not surprisingly our clients are delighted! 


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